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4 PVC Ball Valve

The non-flammable, 4-inch PVC ball valves made by DonyRony can withstand temperatures as low as -140°C. They are similar to standard ball valves in that they are lightweight, tiny, simple to install, and versatile enough for various applications.

DonyRony 4 PVC Ball Valve Types

As one of the leading PVC ball valve manufacturers, DonyRony offers all types of ball valves in 4 inch lecht including automatic, check, flanged, floating, full port and many more.






If you're looking for the top 4" PVC ball valve provider, get in touch with DonyRony and get a quote.
Your Best 4 PVC Ball Valve Manufacturer

Your Best 4 PVC Ball Valve Manufacturer

A DonyRony PVC ball valve is an on-off plastic valve with a rotating ball with a bore that stops fluid flow by turning the ball just a quarter turn. They can control the flow of acids, bases, caustic chemicals, and air. They are relatively inexpensive and have a very long lifespan. Our PVC ball valves have outstanding low temperature and pressure tolerance while having reduced mechanical strength. PVC valves stop the flow by spinning a ball 90 degrees, much like all ball valves do.

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