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2023’s Leading Ball Valve Manufacturers in USA

Ball Valve Manufacturers in USA

Ball valve manufacturers in USA provide excellent valves utilized in sectors such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and water treatment. To suit the different demands of their clientele, these manufacturers promote innovation, customer happiness, and adherence to high quality standards.

market overview

Ball Valve Market Overview

Note: The Ball Valve Market was valued at USD 11.68 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 3.1% between 2021 and 2026, reaching USD 13.93 billion by 2026. One of the primary reasons likely to contribute to the growth of the ball valve market is a rise in worldwide demand for oil and gas.

1.American Valve

American Valve

Foundation Year: 1988
Nation: Georgia, USA
Founder: Seth Guterman

American Valve is a leading American firm specializing in the manufacture of valves for various purposes. They have been in business for almost a century and have earned a reputation for manufacturing high-quality valves. Ball valves are among the many valve products available from American Valve. Ball valves are quarter-turn valves that regulate the flow of liquids or gases via a pipeline using a hollow, perforated, pivoting ball. They are well-known for their durability, dependability, and ease of use.
American Valve Homepage:

2.Gemini Valve

Gemini Valve

Foundation Year: 1970
Nation: New Hampshire, United States
Founder: Daniel Packard

Gemini Valve is a prominent ball valve maker in the United States. They specialize in developing automated and manual ball valves for demanding on/off control applications as a privately held, family-owned enterprise. Gemini Valve is dedicated to offering simple and dependable ball valve products and solutions based on their significant knowledge of valve design and production. Their devoted staff collaborates in an open and supportive atmosphere to provide great service and 100% client satisfaction.
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Foundation Year: 1980
Nation: Georgia, United States
Founder: AJ Bental

Valtorc is a famous valve manufacturer in the United States that is well-known for creating high-quality valves for various industries and applications. Valtorc has a solid reputation in the market for its devotion to client satisfaction after several decades of expertise. Their product line comprises a wide range of valves, the most important being ball valves. Valtorc’s ball valves use a spherical ball with a hole or port in the middle to precisely control fluid or gas flow. These ball valves are designed to give dependable performance and come in a variety of designs, materials, and sizes to satisfy the demands of their clients.
Valtorc Homepage:

4.US Valve

US Valve

Foundation Year: 1999
Nation: Maryland, USA
Founder: Unknown

US Valve is a well-known valve manufacturer in the United States that specializes in manufacturing a wide range of valves, including ball valves, for various industries and applications. Their comprehensive product offering includes valve solutions to address the specialized demands of many sectors. Ball valves are a prominent product category among their offers. US Valve’s ball valves have a spherical ball with a central hole or port that allows for precise fluid or gas flow control. These ball valves are designed to provide dependable performance and are available in a variety of configurations, sizes, and materials to meet the needs of their clients. US Valve’s commitment to providing high-quality valves and its extensive product line establishes it as a reliable supplier.
US Valve Homepage:

5.Powell Valves

Powell Valves

Foundation Year 1846
Nation: Ohio, USA
Founder: Brandy Cowart

Powell Valves is a notable valve manufacturer situated in the United States. They are known for their competence in making a diverse range of valves, including ball valves, for a variety of industries and applications. Their vast product line includes a wide range of valve solutions adapted to the unique requirements of sectors such as oil and gas, power generation, and chemical processing. Ball valves from Powell Valves have a spherical ball with a central hole or port that allows for precise fluid or gas flow control. These precision-engineered ball valves are available in various designs, materials, and sizes to fit a variety of applications and operating situations. Powell Valves’ commitment to quality and wide variety of valve solutions distinguishes them as a recognized and reputable vendor in the industry.
Powell Valves Homepage:

6.Hy-Lok USA

Hy-Lok USA

Foundation Year: 1997
Nation: Texas, USA
Founder: Unknown

Hy-Lok USA is a trustworthy subsidiary of Hy-Lok Corporation, a world pioneer in fluid system solutions. Hy-Lok USA, with a significant presence in the United States, specializes in manufacturing and selling a wide variety of fluid system components and solutions. They serve various sectors, including oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor. Ball valves from Hy-Lok USA are precisely engineered to regulate the flow of fluids or gases using a spherical ball mechanism. These ball valves are available in different sizes, materials, and combinations to meet the needs of specific applications. Hy-Lok USA has established itself as an industry-trusted source due to its dedication to quality and focus on offering excellent fluid system solutions.
Hy-Lok USA Homepage:

7.American Precision Supply

American Precision Supply

Foundation Year: 2002
Nation: Illinois, USA
Founder: Teri Sharp

American Precision Supply is a reliable ball valve manufacturer dedicated to serving your specific needs. They take pleasure in comprehending, processing, and fulfilling each order with the highest precision and attention to detail, from straightforward requests to detailed demands. The dedicated staff comprises experienced account managers, skilled inside sales reps, efficient warehouse staff, and diligent administrators who have a thorough understanding of the business and the unique demands of its clients. They endeavor to provide excellent service and high-quality ball valves that meet and exceed expectations through a customer-focused approach.
American Precision Supply Homepage:

8.Omal USA Corp.

Omal USA Corp

Foundation Year: 1981
Nation: Kentucky, USA
Founder: Mr. Agostino Bonomi

Omal USA Corp. is a subsidiary of Omal S.p.A., a well-known global valve and actuator producer. Omal USA Corp., based in the United States, specializes in designing and manufacturing top-quality valves and automation solutions. They provide creative valve solutions to address the different demands of industrial applications, with a strong dedication to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. Omal USA Corp. provides a comprehensive line of ball valves for dependable and efficient flow control. Omal USA Corp. has established itself as a trusted source of high-quality ball valves and automation solutions via its commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach.
Omal USA Corp. Homepage:

9.Hawa Valves USA LLC

Hawa Valves USA LLC

Foundation Year: 2001
Nation: Texas, United States
Founder: Javed A Hawa

Hawa Valves, an esteemed ball valve manufacturer, was founded by a group of experienced people from various backgrounds who aimed to build a quality-driven valve manufacturing firm. Hawa Valves is dedicated to satisfying strict industry standards, and all of its products, including ball valves, are made in compliance with globally recognized norms and regulations. Hawa Valves has established itself as a trusted and trustworthy manufacturer of high-quality ball valves for critical and hazardous service applications by complying with international standards and consistently enhancing its offerings.
Hawa Valves USA LLC Homepage:

10.Valve Man

Valve Man

Foundation Year: 1965
Nation: Pennsylvania, USA
Founders: Gilbert Welsford Jr and Jason Welsford

ValveMan, a recognized ball valve maker and supplier, has a long history that began in 1965 the basement of Fred and Ethel Welsford’s Philadelphia, PA, house. As first-generation business owners, they swiftly established a reputation for supplying high-quality valves and excellent customer service worldwide. From 1983 through 2010, the firm grew substantially, and Gil Sr. took exclusive ownership of the family business. Like his father, Gil Sr. began grooming his son to be the next ValveMan, ensuring the continuance of their tradition. ValveMan’s success may be linked to creating a family culture that permeates the organization daily.
Valve Man Homepage:

11.Flow Serve

Flow Serve

Foundation Year: 1997
Nation: Texas, United States
Founders: Simpson & Thompson

Flowserve is a multinational firm that provides fluid motion and control systems. Pumps, valves, seals, and automation devices are part of their extensive range, intended to satisfy the demands of essential and demanding applications. Flowserve produces and distributes high-quality ball valves as one of its product lines. These ball valves are designed to provide dependable and accurate flow control. Ball valves from Flowserve use a floating or trunnion-mounted ball with a central bore or port. Flowserve ball valves are trusted by industries worldwide because of their longevity, tight shut-off capabilities, and ease of operation. Flowserve’s ball valves provide efficient and trustworthy fluid control solutions for process control, isolation, and throttling applications.
Flow Serve Homepage:

Definition of a Ball Valve

Ball valve is a quarter-turn valve that controls the flow of fluids or gases by using a hollow, perforated ball (typically made of metal) with a hole or port in the middle. A handle or actuator rotates the ball within the valve, enabling the channel to be opened, closed, or partially obstructed. When the ball is turned such that the hole coincides with the flow route, the valve opens, enabling fluid or gas to pass through. In contrast, when the ball is spun to obstruct the flow channel, the valve closes, blocking the flow. Ball valves are well-known for their fast functioning, tight sealing characteristics, and ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures.


When selecting a ball valve manufacturer in the United States, examining criteria such as product quality, dependability, industry reputation, and customer service is critical. Evaluating their experience, adherence to rules, and capacity to modify valves to specific application needs is also vital. Customers may guarantee they obtain durable and efficient ball valves that match their demands by picking a trustworthy manufacturer with an established track record. Thorough research, customer reviews, and contact with industry experts all assist in making an educated selection when selecting the best ball valve manufacturer in the United States.

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