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Top 9 Ball Valves Manufacturers in Europe (2023)

Ball Valves Manufacturers in Europe

Suppose you need ball valves for oil, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, or other sectors. In that case, this list of manufacturers can help. They produce ball valves that satisfy the highest safety, durability, and performance requirements because of their expertise, experience, and commitment to quality. Discover the list of ball valve manufacturers in Europe to get the best option for your business.

A ball valve is a quarter-turn valve that regulates flow by spinning a bored-through ball. Fluids or gases can pass through when the hole is aligned with the flow direction. Additionally, rotating the ball 90 degrees completely stops the flow. The grip serves as a visual indicator of the valve’s status. If the handle is parallel to the valve, it is open. The valve is closed when the handle is horizontal to the ground.

Market Outlook

The Ball Valves market will be worth USD 12.31 billion in 2023. The ball valves market is estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2% between 2023 and 2030, from USD 13.00 billion in 2023 to USD 18.07 billion by 2030. The growing need to replace obsolete ball valves and adopt innovative values, the increasing emphasis on industrialization, urbanization, and creative city development, a rising number of new nuclear power plant projects, and upgrading existing values all drive market growth.

Top 9 Ball Valves Manufacturers in Europe

Europe is a technological and production powerhouse for ball valves. In Europe, several valve manufacturers have extensive expertise to pick from. They have, however, made your job easier. They have compiled a list of Europe’s top nine ball valve manufacturers.

1.Valves Only

Valves Only Ball Valves Manufacturer

Valves Only Europe was founded in 2003 and worked in the United States, Germany, Italy, and India to produce and provide valves for various sectors worldwide. They export to roughly 84 countries worldwide. At Valves Only Europe, they focus entirely on manufacturing valves and providing shipping solutions to our clients to reach their destinations. The firm’s foundation is its specialized workforce of engineers and quality control teams. They recognize the technological expectations of their customers and endeavor to deliver the best purchase and quality goods backed up by strong engineering staff.

Valves Only Europe Homepage:

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Valves Only Ball Valves Manufacturer:

Valves Only Europe Other Products:


Cepex Ball Valves Manufacturer

Cepex is the Fluidra group’s brand for the fluid handling sector. One of Europe’s top manufacturers of thermoplastic valves and fittings. The beginning of activities with the production of PVC pressure fittings. The production of ball valves begins. Their exclusive distributors commence global exporting. Cepex is the Fluidra group’s brand for the fluid handling and irrigation sectors, and it will fulfill all of your fluid handling demands. They have been in the industry for over 30 years, devoted to 100% client satisfaction.

Cepex Homepage:

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Cepex Ball Valves Manufacturer:

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KVE Ball Valves Manufacturer

Kihsco Valves Europe (KVE) is an independent European sales organization in Groß-Gerau, close to Frankfurt Airport. Kihsco Valves Europe provides a complete line of cast and forged metal and brass valves with all required approvals, such as ISO 9001, API-6A, API-6D, API607, CE PED, ATEX, HP0, TRB, TRD, and so on for every important industrial application in power plants, oil and gas pipelines, petrochemical and chemical plants, and so on.

Kihsco Valves EuropeHomepage:

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KVE Ball Valves Manufacturer:

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JLX Ball Valves Manufacturer

JLX VALVE is a global Spanish firm specializing in designing and producing industrial valves, aiming to provide excellent product quality and perfect customer service. JLX VALVE is renowned internationally as a stable and professional firm with over fifteen years of expertise. It has an extensive sales network and agents in many regions of the world that you can find in contact to help speed up operations, tailor demand, and keep a strong relationship with its clients.

JLX Valve Factory Homepage:

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JLX Ball Valves Manufacturer:

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Zaffertec Ball Valves Manufacturer

ZAFFERTEC was founded in 2004 in Barcelona, Spain. It has since expanded into a world-class, dynamic, business-oriented supply and consultancy organization in metal products, pipe materials, and systems for gas, oil, and petrochemical operations and facilities. With the assistance of fully experienced management and technical and commercial employees with at least 20 years of professional work background, ZAFFERTEC is delighted to enter and engage in engineering, finance, industrial material, and equipment supply operations for several valve businesses globally.

Zaffertec Homepage:

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Zaffertec Ball Valves Manufacturer:

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Enolgas Ball Valves Manufacturer

Enolgas Bonomi started in 1960 as a family business specializing in the production of brass ball valves, has grown into a company with varied offerings and a strong presence in global markets. From the company’s founding specialty in brass ball valves, current production includes ball valves for boilers, built-in gas and water valves, metal manifold boxes, steel valves for industrial plant engineering, electrical actuators, metering, and climate control systems, and systems for home automation.

Enolgas Homepage:

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Enolgas Ball Valves Manufacturer:

Enolgas Other Products:

7.Bonomi Industries

Bonomi Industries Ball Valves Manufacturer

Bonomi Industries manufactures excellent shut-off brass valves and actuators for various applications and one-of-a-kind specialty goods. Hadron, a private holding company founded in 2018 to restructure the former rubinetterie utensilerie, Bonomi, owns Bonomi Industries. Shedstone, a real estate business, was created in such an environment. The founders’ family name, Bonomi, has been at the center of their firm since its founding in 1828. They have goods deployed in harsh environments on five continents. Their sales staff cultivates long-term partnerships with distributors and OEMs by providing timely feedback and technical assistance.

Bonomi Industries Homepage:

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Bonomi Industries Ball Valves Manufacturer:

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8.FHT Valves

FHT Valves Ball Valves Manufacturer

These replicas are of excellent precision and relic of the earliest German designs that produced such remarkable results. They have used the sector’s knowledge and continued to improve to create the most excellent ball valve portfolio available. They continue to broaden the item offering while preserving quality and expanding the world’s footprint. It is a strong collective sense among the FHT valve members. There is another way to develop labor relations; they work as a team where everyone contributes and listens.

FHT Valves Homepage:

FHT Valves Ball Valves Manufacturer:

9.ABO Valve

ABO Valve Ball Valves Manufacturer

ABO Valve is the foremost manufacturer of butterfly-style valves in the Czech Republic. They impact the future and operations of many industries that regulate water, air, oil, fuel, or chemicals. The primary purpose is to provide exceptional product quality and tailored expert solutions for each customer, including thorough and timely assistance and communication. Their organization’s primary goal is to acquire consumers’ trust, for whom we will be the clear and only choice. They believe that to be the biggest, you must also be the best.

ABO Valve Homepage:

About ABO Valve:

ABO Valve Ball Valves Manufacturer:–ball-check-valves

ABO Valve Other Products:

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ball Valve

Valves provide a wide range of roles in regulating the flow of liquids and gases. Given many choices, ensure you select the best valve for your application.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ball Valve

Media Form

The qualities of the controlled liquid or gas will dictate the valve material used. Since they can withstand these conditions, polytetrafluoroethylene and perfluoroalkoxy alkanes are suitable candidates for observing harsh or corrosive substances.

Application Conditions

The most critical step in selecting the proper valve for your application is determining the suitable size. An incorrectly sized valve might cause problems with the valve or elsewhere in the system.

Valve Function

Determine the gap that your valve must fill. 2-way valves are ideal for on/off control in a system, but 3-way valves can be utilized for both on/off control and diverting or mixing media.

Actuation Method

Another thing to think about is how the valve will be manipulated. Determine if the valve will be manually controlled or whether it will need to be activated to turn off and on automatically.

Requirements for Service

Ball valves are a good alternative for frequent maintenance since they resist clogging and are one of the most accessible valve types. Ball valves are also available in three-piece configurations, which feature two end caps and a body.


The majority of ball valves are utilized in gas industries. Their dependability makes them appropriate for gas processing, storage, and transportation. Ball valves are helpful in the gas industry because of their leak-prevention function. Furthermore, ball valves are required in additional applications. When purchasing a ball valve, you have various manufacturers to pick from. With modern valve manufacturers competing fiercely to increase their market, selecting the proper manufacturer to fulfill your demands might take time and effort. We narrow down your list of ball valve manufacturers and come up with the top 9 ball valve manufacturers you may consider.

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