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9 Best Ball Valve Manufacturers of 2023


Are you looking for the best ball valve manufacturer for your enterprise or undertakings? Choosing the correct ball valve supplier and manufacturer will significantly impact your business. To thoroughly assess your manufacturer’s reputation in the market, you must know basic information about them beforehand. Some of the best firms in the sector are represented on this list of ball valve producers.

Learn More about Ball Valves

It is a good idea to fully comprehend the component you are interested in before searching for your ideal manufacturer. Ball valves are the most frequently used liquid isolation valves in onshore and offshore upstream oil and gas production facilities. The shaft that connects the ball to the rotating, operating, and controlling device is installed between two seats. When the cross-section of the bore is parallel to the flow area, the fluid cannot enter through the valve. How much fluid quickly passes through the valve depends on the portion of the bore exposed to the floor. It is also used in the fuel gas supply system for the furnace.

Ball Valve Global Market Report


The ball valve market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% in 2021 and reach a value of USD 12.43 billion. The increasing demand for ball valves in recently updated nuclear power stations is the primary factor driving market expansion.

Their adoption of 3D printing technology drives ball valve production and the digital transformation of industrial facilities. Cities are beginning to implement technological advancements in municipal tasks, such as maintaining transportation and infrastructure.

Smart cities use data to manage their resources more efficiently. Valves are essential components in a variety of industrial machinery types. A failed valve can obstruct market growth and disrupt industrial processes.

Best Ball Valves Companies List:


Kingston Ball Valve Manufacturer

Kingston Valves upholds the values of commitment to its customers through on-time delivery and attentive service. They sell various products, including drain, safety, check, control, and ball valves. These are offered in brass, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Kingston has established itself as a reliable supplier of industrial valves for various sectors.

Kingston Official Website:
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JMF Ball Valve Manufacturer

Looking no further than JMF Co. for superior industrial ball valve manufacturers. Since they have provided top-notch goods to their customers for over 50 years, JMF has become a dominant force in the US plumbing and HVAC wholesale markets. Some of the major product categories that are represented in our product catalog include line sets, copper tubing, copper fittings, ball valves, brass and malleable fittings, PEX tubing, fittings and tools, water and gas connectors, and equipment kits.

JMF Company Official Website:
About JMF Company:
JMF Ball Valve Products:
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Velan Ball Valve Manufacturer

Ball valves from Velan are among the best-performing ones available for all critical industrial applications. Please view the full selection of Coker Ball Valves, Memoryseal Ball Valves, Power Ball Valves, Securaseal Metal Seal Ball Valves, and Heavy Duty Three Piece Ball Valves that we offer. one of the industry leaders in steel valves for industrial use.

Velan Inc. Official Website:
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VSI Ball Valve Manufacturer

Valve Solutions, Inc. can create customized connections for your automation because it has a complete in-house machine shop. VSI’s expertise in machining enables them to develop distinctive retrofit linkage solutions for existing goods. Manufacturer of PVC ball valves, VSI provides a selection of ball valves to meet the needs of every application.

Valve Solutions, Inc. Official Website:
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Valve Solutions, Inc. Ball Valve Products:
Valve Solutions, Inc. Product Catalog:

5.Valve Check

Valve Check Ball Valve Manufacturer

When it comes to ball valves, leave the design of ball and relief valves to Valve Check! Check valves can withstand up to 10,000 PSI pressures and are available in brass, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Several different sizes, cracking pressures, and seal alternatives are available in their typical product line.

Valve Check Official Website:
About Valve Check:
Valve Check Ball Valve Products:
Valve Check Custom Valves:


Tylok Ball Valve Manufacturer

Leak-free hose connections have been transformed by Tylok, which also keeps developing cutting-edge designs for the most significant quick disconnects available in the USA. They have a complete selection of QC Series Quick Disconnects and quick disconnects for manifolds, ball valves, needle valves, welded fittings, tubing, pipe, and more.

Tylok International Inc. Official Website:
About Tylok International Inc.:
Tylok International Inc. Ball Valve Products:
Tylok International Inc. Catalog:


IMI PBM Ball Valve Manufacturer

PBM manufactures specialty ball valves, including industrial, steam, high-pressure, and special-purpose ball valves. They provide spray valves, three-way ball valves, actuated valves, multi-way ball valves, and fire test valves. Now that they have changed its name to IMI PBM, they look forward to expanding as a business and improving the customer experience by offering safe, dependable, high-quality valves.

IMI PBM Inc. Official Website:
About IMI PBM Inc.:
IMI PBM Inc. Ball Valve Products:
IMI PBM Inc. Certifications:


MOGAS Ball Valve Manufacturer

For critical valve applications in the pulp and paper, mining, oil and gas, refining, and power industries, MOGAS® Industries, the industry leader in severe services technology, offers the most stringent service, application-specific products, and world-renowned service. The MOGAS range of severe service valves includes unique trim designs for flow control and powerful service floating and trunnion ball valve designs for quarter-turn isolation.

Mogas Official Website:
About Mogas:
Mogas Ball Valve Products:
Mogas Services:


Midland Ball Valve Manufacturer

Midland Industries is the best choice for customer-driven solutions, clever technology, and various goods because it is based on genuine family values and traditions. You can count on Midland Industries to go above and above when finding the perfect fit is essential. They sell hose clamps, quick disconnects, hydraulic adapters, brass fittings, valves, nipples, and other specialized accessories.

Midland Industries Official Website:
About Midland Industries:
Midland Industries Product:
Midland Industries Distributor Request:

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Ball Valves Manufacturer

kinds of ball valve

Wide Variety of Valves

Suppliers routinely alter ball valves to meet customer requirements. You now possess a ball valve with practical applications. Before choosing a service, please look at the ball valves they have created in the past.

Maintenance Service

Preventative maintenance is the secret to extending the life of equipment like ball valves. Therefore, anytime a deadline approaches, you must ensure that your providers offer maintenance guidance and support. Your ball valves can help you maintain their condition and enhance your results.

Repairs Service

Before investing in a ball valve, it is a good idea to ask about repair alternatives and how they may help you if your system malfunctions. Ensure your technicians and support staff are proficient and possess the required education, training, and experience. Look for a contractor with the most qualified team when selecting one to handle your repair needs. Make sure the ball valve repair technician you choose is knowledgeable and experienced.

Regulation and Compliance

If you don’t, it’s much more essential to pick a partner with the highest level of compliance. Select a ball valve manufacturer to be your supplier. This ensures that the product you get satisfies industry quality standards.

Customer Support

Customer service and post-sale assistance are essential when choosing a ball valve supplier. The system is beyond the company’s control, so you can assist if something goes wrong. Therefore, you should choose a supplier with excellent customer service and support. Please read the reviews and testimonials to understand more about their customer service and after-sales assistance.


Making the proper choice when it comes to ball valve manufacturer is essential. You can follow the advice in this article to choose wisely. You can easily select a manufacturer if you thoroughly evaluate your listed manufacturer and use the information provided above. The aforementioned ball valve brand lists are the best in their field at producing high-quality ball valve parts.

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