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Best 7 Brass Ball Valve Manufacturers in China


Are you looking for a brass ball valve manufacturer in China? Well, you are on the right page. This article is specially made for you. We just collected China’s seven most trusted brass ball valve providers for you.

Brass Ball Valve Manufacturer Market Overview

The Ball Valve Market was worth USD 11.68 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 13.93 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3.1% from 2021 to 2026. A significant factor contributing to this growth is the global increase in demand for oil and gas. Valves play a crucial role in complex industrial settings, and companies dealing with fluid, such as crude oil and natural gas, require pipelines.

Leading Brass ball Valve Manufacturer in China


SIO Brass Ball Valves

SIO is a reputable and market-leading provider of brass ball valves, offering customers high-quality items that may be freely customized. SIO’s ball valves maintain a reliable seal even when they aren’t used for a while. Additionally, they last longer than most brass ball valves made by other firms.

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SIO Brass Ball Valves:


DonyRony Ball Valves

DonyRony is a knowledgeable producer of brass valves with years of experience. They provide premium valves for various uses, including gas, heating, and plumbing. With cutting-edge machinery and technology, such as sophisticated CNC machines and non-destructive testing tools like an ultrasonic, magnetic particle, eddy current, and X-ray testing, DonyRony can produce brass valves of the highest quality that meet or even surpass international requirements.

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YD Brass Ball Valves

YD Valves is a leading Chinese manufacturer specializing in forged brass ball valves. They prioritize design and innovation to provide their customers with top-quality valves and excellent services. YD Valves’ factory offers helpful consultations to ensure the best customer experience.Throughout its 21-year existence, it increased expansion while focusing on meeting client needs.

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Huacheng Brass Ball Valves

China’s Huacheng is a renowned producer of brass valves with an excellent quality assurance program. Its committed QC team ensures that top-notch goods are created in its plant. According to customer requests, our professional engineering technical center continuously designs and develops cutting-edge products.

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Huacheng Brass Ball Valves:


EG Ball Valves

EG Valves has been a reliable supplier of high-quality industrial valves to various flow control industries since its establishment in 2000. Their brass ball valves are renowned for their fluid resistance, even in minor variations. You can trust EG Valves to deliver dependable and long-lasting brass ball valves.

EG Valves Official Website:

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XHVAL Brass Ball Valves

Since 1986, XHVAL has been China’s leading industrial ball valve producer. Their company manufactures industrial trunnion and floating ball valve designs, including one, two, and three-piece ball valves with different materials and manually operated valves, including gear-driven ones. It has over 15 years of API certification.

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XHVAL Brass Ball Valve:


Tosval Brass Ball Valves

Under the name Yuhuan Tongxing Valve Co., Ltd., the first generation of ZHEJIANG TOSVAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. started in the 1980s. They have a 50 million piece annual production capacity. Numerous series of brass ball valves, water meter valves, gas ball valves and angle valves, bibcocks, pipe fittings, etc., are among the thousands of specifications that make up TOSVAL’s core products.

Tosval Official Website:

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Tosval Brass Ball Valves:

Things to Consider in Choosing your right Brass Ball Valve Manufacturer

Choose reliable providers to save on maintenance costs and use funds effectively. Strong partnerships with suppliers can improve industry efficiency and drive growth. Find guidance below to make an informed decision.

Brass Ball Valve

Variety of Valves

When looking for brass ball valves, it’s essential to consider the supplier’s past production history. They often modify the valves to meet customer needs, so it’s a good idea to choose a provider who has previously produced ball valves with practical uses.

Preventive Maintenance Service

To make sure that your brass ball valves last longer, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance. This means working with suppliers who can provide guidance and support as you approach deadlines. By getting their help, you can keep your ball valves in good condition and achieve better results.

Repairs Service

When buying a ball valve made up of brass, ask about repair options. Choose qualified technicians and prioritize contractors with the most qualified staff for repairs. Choose an experienced ball valve repair professional.

Regulation and Compliance

Choosing a highly compliant partner is especially important when you are not. Consider selecting an industrial valve manufacturer as your supplier to ensure you receive a product that meets industry quality standards.

Customer Support

When choosing a provider for brass ball valves, it is essential to consider their customer care and after-sales support. If something goes wrong with the system, the company may need more control, so selecting a supplier that offers excellent customer care and support is crucial. Read testimonials and reviews to learn more about their after-sales and customer support.


Making the right choice of brass ball valve manufacturer is a critical decision. To guide you in your decision-making, this article provides helpful insights. You can easily select the best one by assessing the manufacturers on your list with the information provided. The brass ball valve factory listed above are known for their top-quality components in China.

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