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2023’s Best 9 Brass Bib Tap Manufacturers

2023's Best 9 Brass Bib Tap Manufacturers

If you’re looking for top-quality brass bib taps, you’ve come to the right place! Brass Bib Tap Manufacturers specialize in making durable and reliable bib taps for homes, businesses, and industrial settings.
Are you still trying to figure out where to go for a stylish, top-notch, and reasonably-priced Brass Bib Tap? This article is for you if you want to find the best Brass Bib Tap Manufacturers. Keep browsing to know more!

Top Brass Bib Tap Brand Lists:

    1.Howrah Pipe Fittings Stores


    Howrah Pipe Fittings Stores

    As a leading manufacturer of MDPE, HDPE, and brass pipe fittings in the New Delhi area of India, Howrah Pipes Fitting Stores has provided plumbing solutions for over four decades. Additionally, they offer a comprehensive range of products, including water meters, Brass Bib Tap, and Service Saddles.
    In addition to manufacturing, Howrah Pipes Fitting Stores offers related services to support their products. They provide customization options for their fittings, so you can be sure that your fittings are the perfect fit for your specific application.

    Foundation Year: 1983
    Nation: India
    Founder: Mr. Pradeep Jindal

    Howrah Pipe Fittings Stores Homepage:

      2.Riddhi Siddhi Brass

      Riddhi Siddhi Brass

      Riddhi Siddhi Brass is well-known for producing and supplying outstanding Brass Bib Taps. They provide a comprehensive choice of long-lasting taps, professional advice, and excellent customer service. Riddhi Siddhi Brass offers superior brass fittings.
      In addition to the manufacturing of Brass Products, the company offers a range of services to its customers, such as customization, product consultation, and delivery solutions. The company’s primary focus is to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

      Foundation Year: 2020
      Nation: India
      Founders: Uma Rani & Jagdish Kumar

      Riddhi Siddhi Brass Homepage:

        3.Ciko Bath and Faucets

        Ciko Bath and Faucets


        Ciko is a renowned manufacturer of bath faucets, Brass Bib Taps, and basin mixers located in New Delhi, India. The company is renowned for its superior quality in the production of bath faucet cocks and basins.
        Ciko Bath and Faucets offers various associated services, including instant business quotes, instructional product videos, and dedicated customer service. The company is committed to customer satisfaction and provides a comprehensive suite of solutions.

        Foundation Year: 2015
        Nation: India
        Founder: Dinesh Jain

        Ciko Bath and Faucets Homepage:

          4.Chadder & Co.

          Chadder & Co


          Chadder & Co. proudly offers a comprehensive selection of classic bath and bathroom fixtures. Their collection encompasses a variety of items, including antique baths, Brass Bib Taps, Basins, Toilet Systems, Bathroom Fittings, Shower Systems, Mirrors, Hot Towel Rails, and Customized Products.
          Chadder & Co. provides a variety of associated services, including accessories, bathroom lighting fixtures, showroom visits, and an inspirational brochure. Their dedication to luxury bathrooms is reflected in their commitment to personalized customer service and tailored solutions.

          Foundation Year: Unknown
          Nation: United Kingdom
          Founder: Unknown

          Chadder & Co. Homepage:

            5.Ajanta Auto Product

            Ajanta Auto Product


            Ajanta auto product is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Brass sanitary parts in Jamnagar. Its products include Brass elbows, Brass battery terminals, Brass nipples, Brass tees, Brass inserts, Brass bib taps, and many more.
            At Ajanta Auto Product, they prioritize customer satisfaction, extensive industry knowledge, and a committed team dedicated to providing dependable and long-lasting brass sanitary parts. They utilize technologically updated facilities and employ modern machines and tools for precise production.

            Foundation Year: 1996
            Nation: India
            Founder: Unknown

            Ajanta Auto Product Homepage:

              6.Fresco Industries

              Fresco Industries


              Fresco Industries is a top-notch manufacturer of all kinds of bath products, from short body cocks to brass angle valves to long body cocks and more. They’re known for their top-notch quality, design, and dimensional accuracy.
              Fresco Industries offers a range of related services, including immediate price quotations, immediate quotes, and dependable customer service. The company’s primary focus is to satisfy customer needs by providing top-quality bath products and efficient services.

              Foundation Year: 2008
              Nation: India
              Founder: Mr. Manoj Verma

              Fresco Industries Homepage:

                7.JP Polyplast

                JP Polyplast


                JP Polyplast was established in 2018 and has quickly become a well-known company in the Rajkot area of Gujarat. As a partner company, they are known for producing, selling, trading, exporting, and retailing top-notch products. Their products range from MDPE to HDPE to LDPE to PVC to UPVC to CPVC pipes.
                JP Polyplast is a foremost manufacturer of MDPE, Brass Bib Taps, and PVC pipes, as well as a broad selection of plastic products. Its advanced manufacturing facilities guarantee producing excellent materials that adhere to industry standards and meet customer needs.

                Foundation Year: 2018
                Nation: India
                Founder: Mr. Pratikbhai Thakkar

                JP Polyplast Homepage:



                  Pennyware is the go-to source for all your bathroom and kitchen needs. They have a great selection of furniture for bathrooms, kitchens, and even brassware. They make sure their products are top-notch and always up-to-date, so you know you’re getting the best.
                  Pennyware provides a comprehensive range of bathroom fixtures and accessories, including towel holders, Brass Bib Taps, and more, to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal. Pennyware also offers related services to ensure a complete solution for all bathroom and kitchen requirements.

                  Foundation Year: 1990
                  Nation: South Africa
                  Founder: Unknown

                  Pennyware Homepage:

                    9.Privac Brassworks LLP

                    Privac Brassworks LLP


                    Privac Brassworks LLP is a manufacturer of brass products. They have a proven track record of excellence in the manufacturing of precision machined, cast, and forged Brass Bib Taps products, allowing us to manufacture bespoke brass parts with high quality and dimensional precision.
                    In addition to the manufacturing process, they offer a full range of services, including product design support, prototyping, and finishing solutions, similarly plating and polish, to ensure a smooth customer experience.

                    Foundation Year: 2019
                    Nation: India
                    Founder: Mr. Chirag Bahedia

                    Privac Brassworks LLP Homepage:

                    Definition and Purpose of Brass Bib Tap

                    Definition and Purpose of Brass Bib Tap

                    Brass bib taps are faucets or valves that are mostly made of brass. They usually have a spout that’s either flat or slightly up and a handle that lets you turn the water on or off.

                    The name “bib” comes from the fact that the spout is usually angled down. Brass bib taps are designed to provide a reliable and long-lasting water outlet for outdoor applications.

                    They are typically used in gardens, yards, and utility areas and are renowned for their robust construction, corrosion resistance, and longevity.

                    The purpose of a Brass Bib Tap is to regulate water flow from a Pipe or Water Source by opening or closing a valve.
                    These taps are typically affixed to a wall or external water source. They can be used for various purposes, including filling buckets, watering vegetation, washing vehicles, and connecting hoses to irrigation systems.

                    The brass material in constructing these taps offers robustness, durability, and rust resistance, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

                    Factors to Consider in Choosing Brass Bib Tap Manufacturer


                    Brass bib tap manufacturers need to be thoroughly researched. Quality, experience, and reputation should be on your list. It would help if you also looked into customization options, manufacturing processes, and meeting standards. You should also consider pricing, customer support, and value for money.


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