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9 Best Brass Valves Suppliers of 2023

best brass valves

Are you looking for the top brass valve manufacturers in the market for your plumbing system? This article will address all of your questions and offer some light on reputable brass valve suppliers to pick from.

Brass valves have recently become trendy. Most plumbers choose brass valves because they are more robust and less corrosion-prone. Brass valves control the flow of fluids and gases in various applications. In this article, we will explore the best suppliers of brass valves for your products. Keep reading to learn more.

Leading Brass Valves Suppliers

Below is the listed supplier of brass valves:

1. Burkert USA Brass Valves Supplier

Burkert Brass Valve


Christian Bürkert started Bürkert in 1946 in Germany. He began by creating and producing revolutionary items such as foot warmers, oven controllers, and temperature control systems for incubators. While these products fulfilled the demands of the time, the business gradually shifted its concentration to valve technology and eventually became a worldwide standard for industrial solenoid valves.

Burket USA Corporation Official Website:

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Burke USA Brass Valves Suppliers:

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2. iPolymer Brass Valves Supplier

iPolymer Brass Valve


They specialize in supplying high-purity engineered polymer fluid handling solutions worldwide, acquiring BECO Manufacturing in 2010 and TEQCOM Industries in 2011. They manufacture the greatest ball valves in the business! All the goods have been guaranteed for over 46 years and will continue to be so. They supply first-rate solenoid valve solutions for high-end customers! When it comes to high-quality items, they are dedicated to delivering you the finest of the best.

International Polymer Solutions Official Website:

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3. EVSCO Brass Valves Supplier

EVSCO Burkert Brass Valve


Michael Barrett Sr. started Evsco, Inc. in 1980 to develop a revolutionary valve technology breakthrough. Michael’s objective was to give his clients flow pattern options previously inaccessible with standard valve technology through his “Elliptic” design. EVSCO valves are commonly found in fluid, pneumatic, and vacuum system applications. Evsco valves are made of Polypropylene and PVDF and intended for use in corrosive and harsh situations.

EVSCO, Inc. Official Website:

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4. Hoke Brass Valves Supplier

Hoke Burkert Brass Valve


Hoke valves and fittings are known for their dependability and global distribution. HOKE created the GYROLOK® tube fitting in the early 1960s with a design that delivers unrivaled revolutionary advantages and benefits in the industry. Hoke is an ASME standard ball valve manufacturers, plug valve, flow valve, metering valve, selector valve, packless valve, and needle valve manufacturer.

Hoke Inc. Official Website:

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5. Tubomart Brass Valves Supplier


TUBOMART, founded in 2000, is an experienced industry leader that has developed a wide range of tubing solutions for wholesalers, engineering contractors, and other companies. They send the plumbing components to your locations without trouble thanks to their worldwide connections and quality certificates, which have repeatedly shown to be devoted to quality tubing services.

Tubomart Official Website:

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6. RWV Brass Valves Supplier



RWV has maintained an important position in the plumbing, commercial, industrial, and HVAC industries. RWV was created in 1971 as a joint venture between Japan’s Mitsui & Company, Ltd. and Toyo Valve Company, Ltd. RED-WHITE VALVE CORP. developed from two very modest enterprises to a globally respected provider of valves and associated products to the Plumbing, Commercial, Industrial, and HVAC industries by combining these two companies.

Red-White Valve Corp Official Website:

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7. Bonomi Industries Brass Valves Supplier

Bonomi Industries

Bonomi Industries is an Italian firm that manufactures valves and actuators for various sectors, including HVAC, plumbing, industrial, and food & beverage. The corporation was started in 1901 and has since grown internationally, with headquarters and manufacturing sites throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. Ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, and actuators are among the items available from Bonomi Industries. Their products are noted for their durability, dependability, and performance and are built to satisfy the highest industry standards. They also provide customized solutions to match their clients’ demands. Bonomi Industries Homepage: About Bonomi Industries: Bonomi Industries Brass Valves Supplier: Bonomi Industries Other Products:

8. DonyRony Brass Valves Supplier


DonyRony has 15 years of expertise working in a highly advanced brass valve factory and has a staff of top-notch engineers and technicians that assure high-quality brass valve manufacture. They can create top-of-the-line brass valves that meet and surpass international requirements using cutting-edge technology and equipment such as modern CNC machines and non-destructive testing techniques such as ultrasonic, magnetic particle, eddy current, and X-ray testing. DonyRony Homepage: About DonyRony: DonyRony Brass Valves Supplier: DonyRony Brass Fabrication:

9. Santoshi Engineering Brass Valves Supplier

Santoshi Engineering Works

Santoshi Engineering Works is an Indian firm producing industrial gear and equipment. Since its inception in 1980, the firm has become a significant manufacturer and supplier of various machinery, including plastic processing, extrusion, and recycling machinery. Plastic extrusion plants, blown film plants, box strapping plants, recycling plants, and pipe extrusion lines are among the goods offered by Santoshi Engineering Works. Their products are well-known for their excellent quality, durability, and performance, and they are developed to fulfill the different demands of their clients in various sectors. Santoshi Engineering Works Homepage: About Santoshi Engineering: Santoshi Engineering Brass Valves Supplier: Santoshi Engineering Other Products:

Things to Consider When Choosing the Brass Valves Suppliers

By establishing a partnership with a reputable valve business, you can guarantee that you always have the correct items at the proper pricing to satisfy your requirements and that those products are maintained throughout their life cycle. These are five things to consider when choosing a valve supplier.

Inventory On Hand

How much inventory does the supplier have on hand? This number is directly related to the time it will take to get your valves and components, which can be critical during scheduled outages or in an emergency. By cooperating with a valve supplier with an extensive inventory on hand, you enhance the likelihood that the components you require will be available when needed.

Valve Preventative Maintenance Services

Frequent preventative maintenance is essential for getting the most out of your valves and valve products. Preventive maintenance recommendations vary, so search for a provider who knows your maintenance requirements and can complete maintenance activities with as little disturbance to your operations as feasible.

Valve Repair Services

Even well-maintained valves require maintenance from time to time. Seek a valve provider who is a member of the Valve Repair Council and can fix a wide range of valves both in the shop and in the field. Regarding pressure relief devices, ensure your provider is National Board-approved for repair services. These identifiers provide that your valve will be fixed to its original specifications.

Actuator Sales and Services

Valves and actuators function in tandem. Choose a provider who knows the interaction between valves and actuators and can give services for both types of goods to assist you in picking the right items for your project from start to finish.

Commitment To Safety

Furthermore, one of the primary concerns with industrial valve installations is safety, and rules change regularly. Choose a valve provider who knows the regulatory environment and has continuously proven a commitment to safety to guarantee that your projects fully comply with all rules.

Learn More About the Brass Valves

Brass is a zinc and copper alloy. Brass valves are more adaptable and malleable than bronze valves, and they may be manufactured by casting, heat extrusion, forging, or cold drawing. The material offers a naturally smooth surface, which helps save on finishing expenditures. While brass is very corrosion-resistant, prolonged contact with chlorine or water can cause the zinc in the metal to deteriorate. Brass valves are suited for natural gas and potable water applications.

Brass valves are a cost-effective option, particularly for non-chemical applications that do not require the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. A well-installed and maintained brass valve will survive for many years. Cast brass is used to make our high-quality valves. The body is made entirely of molten brass and a valve mold. After that, the handle and stopper are fitted to provide on/off or regulating functions.

Benefits of Brass Valves

Given the alternatives available today, many ask if brass fittings for plumbing or waterworks systems are worth the extra cost. Due to this metal’s efficiency in plumbing, you could provide your plumbing system with safe, long-lasting components. If you need to figure out how well brass will function in your system, consider these five excellent benefits as you plan your next project or addition.

Exceptional adaptability

Because brass is used for so many different things, you can get the fittings you need in several shapes, widths, and sizes and fittings that allow you to adjust the pipe size. When working on a project with specific specifications, brass is the way to go. It also makes your home’s water supply lines more efficient.


Because of its several other functional properties, brass is highly durable. Since they do not fracture or deteriorate over time, brass fittings are an excellent choice for a plumbing system that requires a long service life. It also provides the best possible performance in hot water supply lines.

High-Temperature Tolerance

Due to its excellent temperature conductivity and ability to increase system efficiency, brass is the best material for hot water distribution systems. Brass is pliable in high temperatures and can withstand far higher temperatures than other metals, making it one of the few objects that can survive a big home fire.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion and rust may cause significant wear and tear on metal fittings; thus, selecting a corrosion-resistant metal is the best alternative. Brass fittings that will not rust or corrode in low-pH water are perfect for harsh environments. Brass is resistant to even the most corrosive liquids.

Very malleable

Brass pipe is much more malleable than steel or iron pipe, making it simpler to work with when bending or shaping fittings. It is also more moldable than most other materials. Despite its malleability, the metal is highly resilient and dependable. Brass is an excellent material for your plumbing or waterworks system, providing years of reliable operation free of corrosion or heat while also supplying a high-quality fitting.

Types of Brass Valves

Brass valves are available in a variety of styles. Here are a few such examples:

Ball Valve

ball valve

Ball valves are the most often utilized valves on the planet. Ball valves are commonly made of brass, stainless steel, bronze, PVC, and other materials. This valve uses liquid media such as water, gas, oil, and air.

Angle Valve

angel valve

The Angle valve is a manually operated valve with an outlet oriented at right angles to an empty entrance angle. Its purpose is to divert the flow of water in the proper direction. Each angle valve is intended to resist a specific amount of pressure based on its mechanical function and materials.

Check Valve

check valve

Check valves are an intriguing sort of brass valve. The check valve’s primary function is to prevent liquid backflow. Because they only allow media to flow in one direction and do not enable it to return. The inner pressure must be greater than the external pressure for the brass check valve to function correctly, also called cracking pressure.

Pressure Release Valve

Pressure Release Valve

Pressure release valves are intended to keep a system safe during an overpressure event. It relieves excess pressure in the pipes as a pressure cooker’s pressure regulator does. This brass valve regulates the pressure, temperature, and flow of liquid.


In this article, brass valve suppliers may supply valves in various metal types, including alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, forged steel, and cast iron. In general, when choosing a valve manufacturer, we should consider not only the manufacturer’s qualification and assessment but also the kind and quality of valves given by the valve manufacturer and thoroughly evaluate their cost performance. Only in this manner can we pick a dependable manufacturer from numerous manufacturers to better guarantee the chosen valve goods.

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