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Best 9 Check Valve Supplier in the Philippines

Check Valve Supplier Philippines

Check Valve Supplier Philippines is a leading provider of top-quality check valves in the Philippines. They provide effective solutions for fluid control systems with their large selection of goods and trustworthy service. Trustworthy and responsive, they cater to diverse industries, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

market overview
Check Valve Market Overview

Note: The global market for check valves was estimated at USD 5.5 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to rise to USD 18.17 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 14.2%.

1.Magic-Aire Industries, Inc.

Magic-Aire Industries, Inc

Foundation Year: 1994
Nation: Sta. Cruz, Manila Philippines
Founder: Manuel Co

Magic-Aire Industries, Inc. is a renowned company in the Philippines that specializes in the manufacturing and supply of air conditioning and ventilation systems. They are also a trusted provider of check valves through their subsidiary, Check Valve Supplier Philippines. Magic-Aire Industries, Inc. ensures top-notch quality and reliable performance in its products, serving various industries with its comprehensive range of HVAC solutions.
Magic-Aire Industries, Inc. Homepage:

2.KHM Megatools Corporation

KHM Megatools Corporation

Foundation Year: Unknown
Nation: Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines
Founder: Unknown

KHM Megatools Corporation is a reputable “One Stop Tool Shop” in Manila, Philippines. They offer various industrial power tools, hand tools, and related items. Additionally, they serve as a reliable Check Valve Supplier, providing customers with multiple brands. Customers can conveniently check real-time prices and enjoy hassle-free shopping with their user-friendly online platform. KHM Megatools aims to be the go-to partner for customers’ construction projects, offering expert tool knowledge and competitive prices, including check valves, to ensure the best deals in the market.
KHM Megatools Corporation Homepage:

3.Top-Most Hardware

Top-Most Hardware

Foundation Year: 2016
Nation: Imus, Cavite, Philippines
Founder: Unknown

Top-Most Hardware is a reputable online hardware store based in Imus, Cavite. They offer various products at various prices, catering to different customer needs. In addition to providing flexible payment options and reasonable shipping costs, they are currently recognized as a reliable supplier of check valves. Since its establishment in 2016, Top-Most Hardware has prioritized faith, integrity, and community service. Renowned for their knowledgeable salespeople and exceptional customer service, they have successfully served the hardware and construction supplies industry for five years. With plans to enter the franchising industry, Top-Most Hardware aims to expand its business while providing opportunities to franchisees.
Top-Most Hardware Homepage:

4.Workmatic Industrial Solutions, Inc.

Workmatic Industrial Solutions, Inc

Foundation Year: 2011
Nation: Davao City, Philippines
Founder: Angelito Pol

Workmatic Industrial Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to delivering the utmost client satisfaction and contributing to the growth of businesses by offering top-quality products and dependable services. With a track record of excellence, the company prioritizes supporting cutting-edge research, ensuring an exceptional customer experience, and fostering collaborations with international partners. As a trusted Check Valve Supplier, they address their client’s needs promptly and effectively, striving for the highest customer satisfaction. The unwavering commitment to their vision and mission drives them to provide comprehensive solutions and resolve any challenges their valued clients face.
Workmatic Industrial Solutions, Inc. Homepage:

5.Kemique Water Soluzione

Kemique Water Soluzione

Foundation Year: 2009
Nation: Cebu, Philippines
Founder: Unknown

As a prominent supplier of check valves in the Philippines, Kemique Water Soluzione stands out by providing a diverse selection of top-quality check valves to meet your needs. Check valves are mechanical devices that enable the flow of liquids and gases in a single direction, effectively preventing reverse flow. Kemique Water Soluzione offers a comprehensive range of check valves encompassing various configurations, functionality types, sizes, and material constructions. Whether for residential, commercial, process industries, or utilities, they cater to multiple applications.
Kemique Water Soluzione Homepage:

6.AJA Marketplace

AJA Marketplace

Foundation Year: 2015
Nation: Pasig, Manila Philippines
Founder: AJA NRW Solutions, Inc

AJA Marketplace is an innovative online multi-vendor marketplace platform that streamlines the procurement process in the Philippine water sector. As a bridge between customers and global vendors, they provide unparalleled access to diverse water equipment, solutions, contracts, services, and projects. Customers can confidently explore and engage with a wide selection of high-quality check valve suppliers from local and international markets through their validated list of reputable suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.
AJA Marketplace Homepage:

7.Parklane Commercial Corporation

Parklane Commercial Corporation

Foundation Year: 1993
Nation: Manila, Philippines
Founder: Jerwin Leung

Parklane Commercial Corporation is a well-known company in the Philippines. They specialize in providing various industrial and commercial products, including plumbing and sanitary fixtures. As a trusted supplier, Parklane Commercial Corporation also offers check valves among their product offerings. They prioritize quality and reliability, ensuring that their check valves meet industry standards and customer requirements. With their extensive experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, Parklane Commercial Corporation has established a strong presence as a reliable check valve supplier.
Parklane Commercial Corporation Homepage:

8.Tyval Industrial Supply Corporation

Tyval Industrial Supply Corporation

Foundation Year: 1956
Nation: Manila, Philippines
Founder: Unknown

Tyval Industrial Supply Corporation was confronted with a critical choice: whether to prioritize the sale of substandard, cheaply manufactured check valve products or to focus on providing the finest quality check valve products that guarantee exceptional service, durability, and long-lasting benefits. As their valued customer, they would prefer to partner with a company that dedicates itself to creating check valve products of the utmost quality and usefulness. They are committed to utilizing premium materials and skilled craftsmanship rather than relying on cheap materials and labor, often resulting in second-rate products.
Tyval Industrial Supply Corporation Homepage:

9.Cebu Home and Builders

Cebu Home and Builders

Foundation Year: 2002
Nation: Cebu City, Philippines
Founders: Michael and James Co

Cebu Home and Builders is a well-known company in the Philippines that provides construction materials, hardware, and home improvement products. While they primarily focus on catering to the construction and building industry, they may also offer plumbing supplies, including check valves. As a reputable supplier, Cebu Home and Builders aims to provide high-quality products to their customers. Various check valve options may be available for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, ensuring reliable flow control and preventing backflow in plumbing systems.
Cebu Home and Builders Homepage:

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Check Valve Supplier

When selecting a check valve supplier, several important factors must be considered. These factors help you choose a reliable and reputable supplier that meets your requirements. Here are some key factors to consider:

Range of Products

Assess the supplier’s field of check valve products. A competent provider should provide various valve types, sizes, and materials for multiple applications. Having a wide selection allows you to choose the most suitable valve for your specific needs.

Industry Experience

Consider the supplier’s industry experience and reputation. Look for providers with a proven track record of delivering check valves to your sector. A supplier with in-depth knowledge and expertise can offer valuable guidance and support in selecting the suitable valves for your applications.

Availability and Lead Times

Evaluate the supplier’s ability to meet your demand and deliver timely. Ensure they have sufficient stock or production capacity to fulfill your requirements within your desired timeframes.

Pricing and Value

Consider the supplier’s pricing structure and overall value. While price is a factor, it should not be the sole determining factor. Assess the overall value you receive, considering factors such as quality, support, and long-term benefits.

Customer Reviews and References

Research customer reviews and seek references from other customers who have worked with the supplier. This can provide insights into the supplier’s reliability, customer service, and satisfaction.


Aside from the above-stated aspects, it is critical to investigate the supplier’s warranty and return policy for their check valves. A robust warranty demonstrates the supplier’s confidence in their products. It assures in case of any manufacturing defects or performance issues. It’s also beneficial to assess the supplier’s ability to offer customized solutions or tailor-made check valves to meet unique project requirements.

Furthermore, evaluating the supplier’s reliability regarding on-time deliveries, order tracking, and communication can help ensure a smooth procurement process. By thoroughly examining these aspects, you can make a well-informed decision and establish a long-term partnership with a trusted check valve supplier.

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