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9 Best CPVC Ball Valve Manufacturers of 2023

CPVC Ball Valve Manufacturer

Are you searching for a CPVC ball valve supplier for your future projects or company? We have compiled some of the best CPVC ball valve manufacturers in the industry for you. 
In 2020, the Ball Valve Market was valued at USD 11.68 billion and is projected to reach USD 13.93 billion in 2026, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.1% between 2021 and 2026. The Ball Valve Market is expected to experience significant growth in the near future due to an increase in the global demand for crude oil and natural gas.
market overview
The brands below have a brief introduction and accessible homepage website for a much faster visit and inquiry in the future. Continue reading.

1.PVC Pipe Supplies

1. PVC Pipe Supplies

PVC Pipe Supply is a nationwide leader in both the plumbing market and the industrial plastics industry. PVC Pipe Supply’s mission is to become the nation’s leading industrial plastics supplier for Contracted, Engineered, Change Order, and Do-it-Yourself projects. PVC Pipe Supply has over 60 years of experience in the industrial plastics industry and numerous applications for industrial plastics. Due to their technical, application, and product knowledge, they take great pride in providing the industry’s best customer service.
Location:8971 Yahweh Rd. Olive Branch, MS
Founder:Donald Maureen
Establishing time:1980

2.Commercial Industrial Supply

2. Commercial Industrial Supply

Commercial Industrial Supply is a leading provider of industrial goods in the United States and beyond. Their products range from pipelines and fittings to filtration and flow control and electrical products. Founded in 2009 by Ron Heisler and Don Baker, they aim to provide contractors and other professionals with the highest quality equipment at competitive CPVC ball valve prices. Both Ron and Don began their careers as contractors at a young age, and they have a deep understanding of the needs of contractors due to their extensive experience in the industry. This knowledge has been applied to all aspects of their operations.
Country:South Carolina
Location: 1444 E. Main St. Rock Hill, SC 29730
Founder:Ron Heisler and Don Baker
Establishing time:2009


3.Cooney Brothers Inc.

3. Cooney Brothers Inc

Cooney Brothers is a third-generation PVF distributor in business since 1937. Established in Philadelphia, Cooney Brothers has over 85 years of experience in the PVF industry, providing unparalleled product expertise. With an online inventory of nearly 40,000 PVF parts, the company has sold millions of unique PVF parts. When you contact Cooney Brothers with a PVF component number, photo, issue, or concept, their knowledgeable sales representatives will identify the product that best meets your requirements and provide it to you on time and at an affordable price.
Location:1850 Gravers Road, #100 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462-2837
Founder:Cooney Brothers
Establishing time:1937


4.Petron Thermoplast

4. Petron Thermoplast

Petron ThermopLAST is one of India’s leading pipe manufacturers and consultants in the field of chemical & wastewater treatment plants for thermoplastic Industrial engineering products. We offer industrial turnkey Supply & installation, fabrication, and all types of Industrial thermoplastic piping systems, including CPVC, UPVC, PVDF, PPH, HDPE, and ABS. Wastewater & chemical fluid management systems, mainly thermoplastic, are used in industrial & public infrastructure applications. Petron Thermoplasty is the leading supplier, wholesale distributor, dealer, trader, and manufacturer of various Pipe Fittings worldwide. We supply high-quality products & reliable services to thermoplastic manufacturers around the world.
Location:Sanjay Place, Agra – 282002 India
Establishing time:2016


5. Marcos

Marcos is a recognized manufacturer with an impressive selection of SWR and UPVC Brass Fittings. Their product line includes SWR Fittings, UPVC Brass Elbows, and Brass Fittings. All their items are developed and created at their production facility by skilled workers using the best raw materials. They have built a cutting-edge infrastructure facility to facilitate the efficient and well-coordinated execution of all corporate operations. Modern equipment and technologies are installed in the infrastructure of the Marcos company, which is necessary for mass manufacturing.
Location:GIDC, Rajkot, Gujarat
Founder:Pankaj Marakana
Establishing time:2010


6. Ferguson

Ferguson is one of North America’s leading value-added distributors, providing knowledge, solutions, and products for plumbing, HVAC, Appliances, Fabrication, and much more. Ferguson exists to simplify complex projects for their clients, making them simple, effective, and durable. Ferguson is headquartered in the UK, but all of their operations and staff are based in North America, with headquarters in Newport News, Virginia. Thanks to their extensive network, 95% of their North American consumers are within a 60-mile radius of them. They work together to build more than just homes and offices. Ferguson builds relationships that build trust, confidence, and community.
Country:North America
Location:1020 Eskdale Road Winnersh Triangle Wokingham Berks
Founder: Charles Ferguson
Establishing time:1953

7.Valtorc International

7. Valtorc International

Valtorc International is one of the top suppliers of industrial control and valves. They have a wide selection of standard control devices that can meet even the most demanding customer requirements. Another example of their customer-focused problem-solving skills is their products in this wide-ranging market. They’re known for their top-notch valve automation technology and are a top provider of ball, control, butterfly, v-port, and v-natch ball valves. With over 30 years in the industry, you can trust Valtorc to handle your valve needs respectfully and professionally.
Location:3105 Carter Circle, Kennesaw, GA 30144
Founder:A.J. Bental
Establishing time:1980

8.ALSCO Industries, Inc.

8. ALSCO Industries, Inc

If you’re looking for something corrosion-resistant, you’ve come to the right place! ALSCO Industries, Inc. has one of the most extensive plastic pipes and valve selections. They also have a vast selection of fittings and accessories. You can find a wide range of plastic pipes, valves, and fittings, including actual union ball, check, swing valves, and butterfly and compact valves. Plus, they’ve got electric and pneumatic valves, plus specialty valves. They’ve got all kinds of pipes, valves, and fittings, from PVC and Clear PVC to PP and PVDF.
Location:Atlanta Georgia
Founder:George A. Steiner
Establishing time:1983

9.ASC Engineered Solutions

9. ASC Engineered Solutions

In 2019, two complementary business titans joined forces to create a single company that specializes in developing, manufacturing, and supplying precision-engineered supports, pipe fixtures, valves, and associated services. Although the two companies had distinct product offerings and supply chains, they shared a shared quality and customer success ethos. By joining forces, the new company was able to better meet the demands of its customers in terms of product quality, availability, sourcing flexibility from multiple supply chains, superior customer service, technical expertise, and the ease of doing business.
Location:1411 Lancaster Ave. Columbia, PA 17512. United States
Founder:Jason Hild
Establishing time:1850


Thorough research is required to choose the best CPVC ball valve manufacturer. This includes assessing each company’s reputation, product quality, pricing, and customer service. Give top consideration to organizations with a track record of dependability and adherence to industry norms. Making an informed choice might be aided by examining customer feedback and asking for recommendations. In the end, pick a producer who will meet your unique requirements and financial constraints while ensuring the performance and durability of the product.

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