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9 Best Brass Fitting Suppliers in UAE

Brass Fitting Supplier in UAE

In the UAE, are you looking for a provider of brass fittings? We assembled the best in the business to provide you with a list of prospective vendors. Use the provided links to read about their brief biographies and browse their brass fittings.

Plumbing fixtures composed of brass, a type of metal, are known as brass fittings. To join two sections of plumbing together, use brass fittings. Brass fittings come in various styles, including brass couplings, elbows, tees, and caps. Because brass is corrosion-resistant, brass fittings are frequently used in water systems. It does not rust or corrode with time, which can result in leaks in plumbing systems. Brass fittings are a standard option for joining metal pipes since they are reasonably simple to solder.

Brass Fitting Market Overview

The demand for plumbing systems in residential and commercial development, particularly in emerging nations, has expanded the size of the plumbing sector market. A critical result that will enhance the market share for plumbing fittings in the plumbing industry is the rising usage of pipes and fittings in newly renovated buildings. Between 2022 and 2031, the plumbing fittings market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.7%. Pipe reliable and versatile systems are becoming more popular among consumers and architects. There is more possibility for profit in the PVC pipe and fitting market. Over the years, PVC pipe and fitting sales have skyrocketed across the globe.

Leading Brass Fitting Supplier in UAE

With the boost in plumbing fitting markets in UAE, many companies started to offer this need. Most providers adopted cutting-edge technology to manufacture these fittings. Below are some of the top brass fitting manufacturers in UAE that you may consider.


AL HADHOUDH Brass Fittings

Al Hashdoudh Trading and Const. EST. is a significant and well-known distributor of plumbing supplies in the United Arab Emirates. With its main office in Abu Dhabi and a branch in Dubai, Al Hashdoudh confidently lead this market by placing the highest premium on quality materials & customer satisfaction. Having more than twenty years of successful experience in these fields, they dominate this market by setting the highest value on quality materials & customer satisfaction.

Al Hashdoudh Trading and Const. EST. Official Website:

About Al Hashdoudh Trading and Const. EST.:

Al Hashdoudh Brass Fitting:


Ashkar Brass Fittings

Al Ashkar Group of Companies is pleased with its status as the UAE’s top supplier and distributor of fluid handling equipment. Over the past 30 years, we have succeeded thanks to high-quality products, dependable service, affordable prices, well-established engineering facilities, and a cutting-edge distribution network.

Al Ashkar Group of Companies Official Website:

About Al Ashkar Group of Companies:

Al Ashkar Group of Companies Brass Fitting:

Contact Al Ashkar Group of Companies:


FanaTech Brass Fittings

FanaTech Engineering & Trading L.L.C. has been a well-known provider of pipes and pipe fittings in the UAE for many years. They have a group of energetic young professionals who treat each product and transaction with quality. FanaTech quickly established itself as one of the market’s most trustworthy quality suppliers thanks to its extensive inventory. The deadlines set by its clients have typically been met or surpassed by this business. Establishing realistic expectations and working assiduously to exceed them makes clients happy with every transaction.

FanaTech Engineering & Trading L.L.C Official Website:

About FanaTech Engineering & Trading L.L.C:

FanaTech Brass Fittings :

FanaTech Engineering & Trading L.L.C Other Services:


Hydrofit Brass Fittings

The Hydrofit Group was founded in 1990 and was headquartered in the United Arab Emirates emirate of Sharjah.The company has gradually and diligently grown over the past few years due to its expansion of enterprises and concern for the community, making it one of the most forward-thinking local business organizations. Hydrofit’s products are current with legal requirements and technological advancements. They possessed the tools to successfully negotiate product and service prices while maintaining high-efficiency levels and low overhead expenses.

Hydrofit Official Website:

About Hydrofit:

Hydrofit Brass Fitting:

Hydrofit Other Services:


Alimran Brass Fittings

Al Imran rose from a modest beginning as an Air Conditioning Systems & Projects Contractor Company 1993 to become an industry leader. They serve as your one-stop shop for all of your HVAC/R needs. They are committed to providing you with the best heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and home appliance items that are both high-quality and affordable.

Alimran Official Website:

About Alimran:

Alimran Brass Fittings:

Alimran Partners and Distributors:


MB Brass Fittings

One of the top manufacturers and suppliers of pipe fittings and oilfield supplies is MBTC. They have assisted drilling contractors, oil companies, engineering departments, and the defense and marine industries. The needs of the oil and gas business in the GCC, Africa, Asia, and other regions of the Middle East and Europe are now covered by MBTC’s expanded strategy.

MB Trading Company Official Website:

About MB Trading Company:

MB Trading Company Brass Fittings:

Contact MB Trading Company :


Ultimate Brass Fittings

One of Dubai’s top sellers of plumbing supplies is Ultimate Trading. We are the importer and exporter of Brass, GI Pipes, Sanitary Ware, and Fitting Accessories of the highest caliber. Additionally, they provide for the requirements of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Companies nationwide. The Ultimate Trading team’s diverse employees are specialists who collaborate with clients to handle medium- and large-scale construction supply requirements using their extensive exposure to and experience in the construction sector.

Ultimate Trading LLC Official Website:

About Ultimate Trading LLC:

Ultimate Trading LLC Brass Fittings:

Ultimate Trading LLC Projects:

Center Point

Center Point Brass Fittings

Companies can purchase hoses, pipes, tubes, fittings, connectors, adaptors, and clamps from Centre Point Hydraulic. We can also provide valves and all the necessary equipment, tools, and accessories for the fluid power transfer business. With the mission of “Helping Customers Compete and Thrive” as their guiding principle, Centre Point teams collaborate with clients to maintain the flow of essential supplies, offer supply chain solutions and knowledge, and promote company growth. Since Centre Point’s development is linked to their clients, they cooperate with them to boost their success.

Center Point Official Website:

About Center Point:

Center Point Brass Fitting:

Learn More with Center Point:

Al Khaleel BMT

Al Khaleel BMT Brass Fittings

Based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, AL KHALEEL BUILDING MATERIAL TRADING is a renowned carbon and stainless steel pipe provider. They specialize in stocking, importing, and exporting structural steel, fittings, flanges, valves, plates, gaskets, and carbon and stainless steel pipes. By offering a competitive product line that complies with high-quality standards set by international standards for engineering, fabrication, oil and gas, petrochemical, energy, infrastructure, construction, and EPC contracting companies, the company has established a solid foothold in the Middle East and Africa.

Al Khaleel BMT Official Website:

About Al Khaleel BMT:

Al Khaleel BMT Brass Fittings:

Al Khaleel BMT Services:

Things to Consider in Choosing Right Brass Fitting Manufaturer


Any negotiation needs to include the price as a critical component. If the pricing is excessively high, sales can fall even when everything else seems to be going well. Ask for prices on each brass fitting to ensure you receive a good deal. Then, determine whether the product’s quality warrants the price. It’s important to compare prices with other manufacturers’ prices to choose the best option.

Things to Consider in Choosing Right Brass Fitting Manufaturer

Dependability and quality

When looking for a valve manufacturer, prioritize high-quality products; request samples to evaluate for efficiency, durability, and dependability before purchasing. To verify the models’ quality, thoroughly test them.

Engineering and Machines

Modern manufacturing requires the use of sophisticated instruments to prevent malfunctioning brass fittings. Work is more productive and efficient when using high-quality tools and engineering. It’s professional behavior.

Policy on Warranties and Returns

Please ask the supplier about their warranty and return policies. A reliable manufacturer should be able to supply this information. To prevent losses, finding out if the service accepts returns is imperative.


Revenue growth is driven by increased construction activity in emerging countries and the high demand for pipes for high-performance plumbing systems. Massive demand for metal and plastic fittings for residential projects in industrialized countries is driving up sales; the UAE market will soon present profitable chances due to this demand. Given the information and listings above, you are no longer required to conduct extensive research while seeking a provider of brass fittings.

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