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Top 8 PVC Ball Valve Manufacturers in India

PVC Ball Valve Manufacturers in India

Are you seeking an Indian manufacturer of PVC ball valves to support your business or projects? In actuality, you are on the right page. We’ve produced a list of India’s top 9 PVC ball valve manufacturers just for you.

PVC Ball Valve Market Overview

By 2030, the global market for PVC ball valves is expected to be worth millions of dollars. Surprisingly, the projection period of 2023–2030 displays a higher–than–anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) compared to the data gathered between 2017 and 2022. The market share of PVC Ball Valves has noticed a significant rising trend as more companies enter the industry and provide cutting-edge solutions. Companies work to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering better products and services.

Leading PVC Ball Valve Manufacturer in India

India is quickly establishing itself as a competitive alternative for producing industrial valves. The nation’s market share in the manufacture of ball valves is expanding due to its involvement in the oil and gas industries. The list below includes the top PVC ball valve producers who have made a name for themselves in India.


Anjali PVC Ball Valve

In 2011, Anjali Polymers was established. Introducing our business as a quality-conscious engineering organization actively focused on expansion brings us great pleasure. Anjali Polymers is one of the top producers and suppliers of irrigation and farming valves and pipe fittings. By utilizing the most recent technology, Anjali is a specialist in producing PP Ball Valves, Agriculture Ball Valves, Irrigation valves, Polypropylene Ball Valves, Union Type Ball Valves, UPVC Ball Valves, PP Black NRV Valves, Service Saddles, and Pipe Reparable Saddle Valves throughout India.

Anjali Polymers Official Website:

About Anjali Polymers:

2.Gokul PVC

Gokul PVC Ball Valve

n Ahmedabad, Gokul produces industrial valves and fittings. Their business can create more than 15,000 valves and 100,000 fittings per month. They have many different ball valves, including PVC, HDPE, Polypropylene, and PP NRV valves. They employ cutting-edge equipment like drilling and testing machines, vertical extruder injection molding machines, and more for production.

Gokul Official Website:

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Aquazen PVC Ball Valve

Aquazen Polytech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the PVC valve manufacturers in India that are most innovative and reputable company for the production of UPVC ball valves. They are a reputable Solid Ball Valve and Plastic Ball Valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India. Their quality controllers inspect the entire batch to ensure that Aquazen products follow international standards.

Aquazen Official Website:

About Aquazen:

4.Shri Hari Plastic

Shri Hari Plastic PVC Ball Valve

Incorporated in 2011 as a proprietorship, Shri Hari Plastic is a well-known producer and trader of a range of goods, including ball valves, pipe fitting taps, foot valves, non-return valves, polo long body cocks, tee cocks, and venturi injectors. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, they have constructed a substantial and incredibly effective infrastructure unit that is essential to the growth of our business. Shri Hari offers these products at fair prices and delivered within the specified time limit.

Shri Hari Plastic Official Website:

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Kana PVC Ball Valve

KANA has been in the plastic valve business for more than 12 years. Regarding providing high-quality range ball valves, they are industry leaders in the agriculture and drip irrigation sectors. They produce and offer a variety of ball valves, including PVC, UPVC, and CPVC ball valves, at prices that are competitive with the market.

Kana Valves Official Website:

About Kana Valves:

6.Swami Plastics

Swami Plastics PVC Ball Valve

Swami Plastics Industries is a leader in plastics innovation thanks to its dedication to investigating and testing innovative plastic materials. With the help of their extensive plastic engineering, they can produce a wide range of plastic goods for use in various industrial applications, including pipes, valves, and fittings.

Swami Plast Official Website:

About Swami Plast:


Weston PVC Ball Valve

uPVC Ball and PVC Ball valves are produced and supplied by reputable, highly regarded WESTON Ball Valves. With a three-year quality warranty, Weston Ball Valves is one of Ahmedabad’s top PVC ball valve producers and the leading supplier of uPVC ball valves in Gujarat, India. Their business began operations in 2009.

Weston Official Website:

About Weston:

8.Jay Bharat

Jay Bharat PVC Ball Valve

Jay Bharat Plastics, a highly regarded company that was founded in the year 2001, manufactures several styles of Bib Cocks and Ball Valves. They have a sizable infrastructure unit that covers 5000 square feet and is equipped with the newest machinery and tools. They can provide consumers with items of the highest caliber by combining injection technology with premium-grade plastics.

Jay Bharat Plastics Official Website:

About Jay Bharat Plastics:

9.Petron Thermoplast

Petron Thermoplast PVC Ball Valve

PETRON THERMOPLAST is one of India’s top pipe manufacturers and consultants for thermoplastic industrial engineering products. They provide industrial turnkey supply & installation, fabrication, and supply of all types of thermoplastic piping systems for industrial use, including CPVC, UPVC, PVDF, PPH, HDPE, and ABS. Petron Thermoplastic continuously seeks to improve processes and materials by incorporating cutting-edge plumbing technologies worldwide to benefit its customers.

Petron Thermoplast Official Website:

About Petron Thermoplast:

Factors to Consider in Choosing Your PVC Ball Valve Manufacturers

Due to its affordability, corrosion resistance, and durability, PVC Ball Valves are frequently utilized in various sectors. There are many things to consider when selecting a PVC Ball Valve supplier. We will walk you through choosing the best PVC Ball Valves provider for your operation.

various pvc ball valve 2

Quality of Materials

The durability and dependability of PVC Ball Valves depend significantly on the materials’ quality. Ensure the PVC materials used by the PVC Ball Valve provider are of the highest caliber and resistant to corrosion and chemical deterioration. A reliable provider will test their valves extensively to ensure they adhere to industry requirements.

Product Range and Service

The variety of goods and services a PVC Ball Valve manufacturer provides is something else to consider. To meet your unique demands, look for a supplier offering various valve kinds and sizes. To further optimize your process, evaluate the supplier’s capacity to provide customization choices, such as multiple fittings and coatings.

Industry Expertise and Experience

You may get the most significant guidance and assistance for your process by selecting a PVC Ball Valve supplier with experience and competence in the field. Find a provider with expertise in providing valves for your industry or application. Expert providers can help you streamline your process and guarantee effective operation by offering technical assistance and guidance.

Customer Support and Service

When selecting a PVC Ball Valve supplier, looking for a company that provides excellent customer care and support is crucial. Choose a provider who offers fast product delivery, receptive communication, and post-sale assistance like repair and maintenance services. A supplier who prioritizes customer happiness can help you save time and money.


Choosing the best PVC Ball Valve supplier for your procedure is critical to operating effectively and consistently. Consider the type of products and services provided, the experience and knowledge of the company’s staff in the field, and the level of customer service and support. You can select the ideal supplier from the top 9 plastic ball valve manufacturers listed above and establish an enduring business relationship with careful thought and study.

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