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Brass Bulkhead Fitting

DonyRony’s brass bulkhead fittings are specially designed for plumbers’ and irrigation specialists’ day-to-day toolsets. They are mainly used as distribution outlets in piping systems and allow adding or removing liquids to a container or drum.

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Brass bulkhead fitting by DonyRony are fittings that allow the free flow of liquids in containers, drums, drainage, and other plumbing connections. Our quality bulkhead fitting is made up of premium brass for superior toughness, durability, and resistance from other elements.





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As one of the leading brass bulkhead producers in the industry, we commit to providing excellent, cost-efficient, and reliable piping components for our consumers. With DonyRony’s team of expert engineers and the latest technology and machining, we produce quality bulkhead fitting with superior features and versatility. DonyRony’s dedicated customer support team will guide and serve you from inquiries to shipment and our aftersale service.

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