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Brass Shut Off Valve

One of the industry’s best brass shut-off valve manufacturers, DonyRony, offers superior quality products to the market. Brass shut-off valves with durable seal and hard chrome plated that will ensure years of service to our end-users.

Heavy Duty Brass Shut Off Valve

DonyRony Globe Valves are stronger and more durable than other alternatives and inferior brass ball valves, being made from one solid piece of brass material. Can withstand water pressure up to 125 psi and temperature up to 180°F, suitable for frequent daily use.






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You Best Brass Shut Off Valve Manufacturer

The optimum usage for DonyRony brass shut-off valves is to turn off the water supply when switching hose attachments. Instead of repeatedly rotating the fixture, it may turn a quarter turn quickly. Controls leaking faucets to save water and enable simple one-handed operation when attached to hoses.

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