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DonyRony is one of the industry’s leading providers of plastic manufacturing services. We handle everything from prototypes to series production. DonyRony provides precision machining, stamping, injection molding and distribution services for the most complex plastic parts.

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DonyRony Custom Plastic Fabrication Capabilities

DonyRony custom plastic fabrication capabilities are second-to-none. Our plastic fabrication services create durable, precise parts with our innovative and advanced milling, turning, welding, and annealing uses. DonyRony’s specialization in plastics and polymers gives us advantages in dealing with custom plastic fabrications.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Fabrication

Lightweight and Easy to Form

Plastic may be easily molded into simple and complex geometries because of its low melting point ,lightweight and substantial malleability compared to other materials, such as metals.

Quicker Production Process

Plastics can be colored before manufacture, unlike metal materials, which eliminates the need for post-treatment procedures like painting.

Chemical Resistant

Plastics are less prone to oxidation or rusting damage from chemicals or chemical interactions than metals.

Plastic Fabrications Solution

DonyRony plastic fabrication services make all kinds of plastic components, from acrylic sheets and plastic tanks, for anti-static guards, hatches for marine applications, and fixture displays for retail stores. Our plastic fabrication company uses a variety of processes to machine plastic components. DonyRony plastic products are fabricated using bending, routing, and forming machines.

Plastic Fabrication Products

Your Specialty Plastic Fabricator

Our plastic fabrication service has a wide range of output possibilities. Given the scope of our industrial capacity, we are proud to say that our plastic fabrication process is second to none. We have advanced plastic extrusion, injection molding, and rotational machines for our production and other techniques to fully support our goal of being the best plastic fabricator in the industry.

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“When it comes to plastic fabrication, we strive to ensure that all our products in this service are premium-quality and 100% the best in our industry.”

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Our plastic manufacturing process includes careful material selection, detailed testing, and precision engineering.

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