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DonyRony Ball Valve

As a ball valve wholesaler, we offer competitive pricing and customized solutions to meet your needs.

The main materials of our ball valves are brass, zinc alloy, and plastic. You can choose various configurations to meet your requirements, including filled port, standard port, two-piece, three-piece, or one-piece designs.

We offer different inline options for our ball valves, including crimped, threaded, welded, or flanged end connections. This ensures compatibility with varying systems of piping and simplifies installation.

Benefits of Ball Valve

Due to their low-pressure drop and high flow capacity, brass ball valves are considered high recovery valves.

The fluid flows with little turbulence or obstruction when the valve is fully open. The DonyRony ball valve is simpler to use and maintain than other valves. Since the stem of the ball valve does not move axially as it rotates, the seals on the stem do not wear or fail as quickly.

As a valve supplier, we ensure that our ball valves are easy to remove, repair and replace if any parts are damaged.

Our ball valves are less expensive and more cost-effective than more complex valve types. Due to the lower maintenance requirements, they are also more economical to use and maintain over time.

DonyRony Brass Valve Designs

We offer different ball valves: full bore, standard bore, reduced bore, and V bore. DonyRony full-bore ball valves feature a massive ball with the same size bore as the pipe, resulting in lower friction losses.

Despite the larger size of the valve, the flow rate is unlimited. Our standard bore ball valves cost less but have more petite balls and bores.

The DonyRony V-Bore ball valve has a V-shaped ball or seats round or square for more linear flow characteristics, and precise opening and closing bore control.

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