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Zinc Fabrication

As one of the leading zinc fabrication providers, DonyRony provides corrosion-resistant, anti-bacterial, and stain-resistant metal products that don’t degrade in ultraviolet light, perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.

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DonyRony Zinc Fabrication Capabilities

DonyRony cutting-edge facility is equipped with a full line of manual and automated metal forming, welding, and finishing tools. We specialize in prototypes to mid-volume production runs. We will work with you to understand your requirements and use our knowledge to create solutions at affordable pricing. We offer quick lead times and just-in-time delivery.

Advantages of Custom Zinc Products

Assembly Operation

DonyRony zinc fabrication provides various benefits, including fewer assembly steps and a product cast in one piece without requiring extensive physical labor.

Precision and Machinability

We provide zinc alloys with tighter tolerances in contrast to other metals or molded plastics. The trouble-free qualities of our zinc products reduce machining costs; this makes our zinc process fabrication very competitive with other materials.

Fast Production

Processes for our die casting zinc move significantly more quickly than other alloy materials like magnesium and aluminum. Pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are considerably decreased with zinc-casting alloys.

DonyRony Custom Zinc Extrusions

Our copper-nickel-chrome and titanium alloy-plated extruded zinc offer a new approach to fabricating zinc products. With these developed, innovative extrusion services DonyRony offers zinc fabrication a new face in the industry.

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Your Best Zinc Product Manufacturer

We specialize in all phases of zinc fabrication and employ other metals for fabrication. DonyRony metal fabrication creates products used in roofing, cladding, facades, gutters, downspouts, and more. We also offer custom fabrication to fully fit your project application and provide the best zinc fabricated products.

“DonyRony has been serving the metal sheet fabrication industry for over 10 years, with quality products, customer service, and excellent aftersale service.”

Zinc Oxide Layer Fabrication

Zinc fabrication service by DonyRony provides various applications. We proudly deliver the best zinc fabrication products from automotive, consumer electronics, military, defense, medical, and aerospace.


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We are a one-stop solution for your zinc fabrication needs! Feel free to request a quote to discuss your ideal zinc fabrication product for your business with us. Our in-house experienced team of engineers will help you develop the metal solutions you need.

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